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Week three.

Good afternoon, and I hope everyone's day has been largely fun nonsense only.

I usually don't care for this one, but I decided to do some fake jokey subclasses for each of the 5e classes. I made it through 5 of 13, so just under half, but I do plan on finishing them and releasing the others over the course of tomorrow and the start of next week.

So far I've got:

I've got ideas for the rest so stay tuned if you're interested.

Turnrock made it out for re-release before the end of the month (technically it was available yesterday), but I didn't get through some of the other end-of-month goals I had wanted to achieve. They aren't going anywhere, just continuing to be work-in-progresses. The Two-Posts Town Supplement, The Quest For A Quest module, The Lost Dwarven Brewery, are just a few things still in the pipeline.

The character catalog is coming along as well, and I'm adding about one character to the downloads page per week. Seems to be a good cadence, but as I think I mentioned yesterday I may want to move those so I can track the interest/downloads they get, although I don't think I can see free purchases either so, perhaps that's just a limitation of the site.

I've been slowing down a bit, first couple weeks were great and I was full of energy and I'm losing some of that moving forward. Some of the time I'd like to spend writing needs to be spent getting ready for the expo at the end of April so, it's crunch time this month.

Thanks to anyone who has made store purchases or checked out the website. Any sort of donation or support helps make it so I can keep devoting my time to this.

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