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Week Five

Good afternoon.

One week from tomorrow, at this time, I'll be at the VT Sci-Fi and Fantasy Expo. It's kind of wild to think about how quickly it's come and how much longer many things are taking me.

I've re-thought a few of my originally listed projects. The Character Catalog has become not a document, but a series of downloads. I've started a whole new section for the website for the Universe of Ados, and I'd like to eventually move those downloads into appropriate sections in that new page.

Trouble In Turnrock is back out and available, and I'm eight pages into The Quest For A Quest, and six pages into The Lost Dwarven Brewery. I don't think either will be ready and complete before the expo, so I've spent more time adding the new website content. So I'd like to keep adding to that to establish a sort of tempo or flow to the new stuff releases. I also want to redo the welcome/landing page to be a bit more useful to newcomers to the RHG environment and the Universe of Ados.

I've also wanted to bring some early prototype versions of boardgames and a ttrpg for playtesting and I need to get some of that stuff in a better shape to be viewed by the public and not just family and friends.

There's also been a few business things, accounting, shipping changes notifications I had to explore (no changes to any stuff through my shop luckily!), designing and ordering business cards, and planning other logistics for the expo.

It's awesome to have this great stuff to do, but it's also a lot. I'm gonna keep working on some stuff and get in a little gaming this weekend before crunch week next week. If any bards out there want to grant me an inspiration die, I'll gladly take it!

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