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Planet and Moon


The people of Tomarev worship a unique pantheon of deities who influence the world from their native plane of existence. Many religious ideologies are Greco-Roman inspired, with the pantheon consisting of a superhuman few who seem to toy with the world at their whim, though not often directly involved.

Many people will find themselves drawn to a patron deity eventually, though prayers to multiple deities may be offered as needed. An autumn elf praying for a good harvest and fair weather might mention the names of Asha, Noahlus, and Ocan. A sailor dwarf about to become a father might utter a frantic word to Ocan, Breelah, Bronheim and/or Damios if things weren't looking good. Due to the prominence of magic, including the divine, it is rare that someone doesn't believe in any sort of otherworldly power. Those that live this way are often shocked when something splendid or stunning happens to them, and must quickly readjust.


The greater scope of the realm of Tomarev within the universe of Ados can be described as a spherical plane suspended in nebulous energy that moves akin to a solar system with no center. Sometimes the plane bumps into, is stacked with, or overlaps other such planes within (and occasionally outside) the universe.

The Nebula is the largest plane that seems to contain most of the other planes with the exception of demi-planes and the polar planes.

There is no distinct, calculable movement to the planes as with the stars as seen from the land. Some scholars posit that the planes are far off worlds like our own on Tomarev. Other ideas are that the planes are like a great tower with the realms stacked atop one another, vying for height and power. Another is that all the planes are naught but marbles, sat in an unthinkably large giants jar resting upon a shelf.

The truth is that the planes are spheres which move about within the nebula (a larger sphere) and are pushed and pulled to one another like magnets. On the outside of the large sphere, on the very top and bottom (if say, you are looking at the sphere from the front) are smaller white and black spheres which seem to bob in and out of the larger sphere, and grow and shrink in small magnitudes, always floating while touching the nebula. These spheres are Honoria and Nefaria, which draw the energies within the universe to and fro.

The spheres within are the planes, which both shift in unknowable ways and yet seem to connect and overlap and bind to others in some sort of plausible functional pattern. From time to time the amorphous energy of the universe may create another plane sphere which may interact with the others, and could persist or vanish after a moment, until such a time that certain conditions for that realm's creation occur once again. This allows for a high degree of variability and free in creation and destruction of new planes of existence.

The elemental planes are one such example of a plane that is conjured and dismissed in this manner, depending upon how the energies of the world are moving. Since elemental planes aren't inherently good or evil, the influence of the plane at the time is determined by the magical draw of the other planes within the universe. Hence, you could have an elemental plane of water that consists of good aligned mer-folk and aquatic djinni, or an evil aligned plane that is host to sea creatures and aquatic devilkin.

The Far Realms

The Golden City

A city crafted of gold and pristine white marble, far high above all the other planes. Beyond the city are fields of verdant green and colors which mortals couldn't even imagine. The home of angels, the hopeful resting place of many paladins and clerics. This, the highest place, watches from afar over Ados, and only intervenes when the fate of the very universe is in danger.

Lawful Good

Tanzinin, The Dawn - God of Goodness, Eternity, and the Sun.

Illustria, The Celestial - Demi-Goddess of Purity, Kindness, and Truth.

Damios, The Worldshield - Warden of Law, Protectors, and Fathers.

Origin Stories

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