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Crystal Ball in Psychic Hands



Inspired by a combination of my partner going on about her yoga teacher training, a brief obsession with old martial arts movies, and a re-watch of Avatar: The Last Airbender, one of the first classes on my "to-homebrew" list that I actually got to a playtestable state is...

The Guru V0.1 - A movement using, constitution and wisdom based hybrid support class for 5e. At the moment, I'd advise disallowing multiclassing with The Guru, although if you do and you find something broken, please reach out at let me know!

Magical Quest Artifacts

In the last longstanding campaign I ran for my core group, I homebrewed them each a special magic item I called a "Magical Quest Artifact" which required the player to make use of their class features to gain xp for the item, which in turn leveled up and gained power and abilities. Since they are still leveling them, and the item xp is very group and playstyle dependent, they need a little more tweaking to be released, but a quick snapshot of the items includes...

Zaresh'Theh, a blood-drinking scythe which wreathes the bearer in smoke and fire.

Saint's Vindication, a restored and blessed version of Zaresh'Theh, made after freeing the cursed and tormented soul trapped within,; the blade glares with light to distract foes, and protect allies.

The Totem of The Beastwalker, a fist-weapon worn over the left arm, passed down from lesser druidic deities who act as wardens to the realm of the Wyldmyre, and that enables one with godly power over time.

The Vibrato Blade (later renamed to The Song Of Freedom), is a rapier handcrafted for a bard that stunned even the smith who made it. The blade communicates through hums and soft whistles, and reacts to the wielder inspiring their allies, allowing for additional empowered attacks.

Grief & Mourning, a dagger and set of handwraps, a sacred relic for a particular sect of shadow monks, which act as both a lesson and a tool for a member of the order, until such time they complete the cycle, and hide them again for another to find.

Threads Of Fate, a great sweeping coat worn as a cloak, simple black leathery silk, the back divided into 10 horizontal stacked panels. Originally a gift from a deity of fate for a warlock to whom she is patron to, performing acts that drastically affect the fate of others causes the panel to fill itself in, and offer a new power, which helps the wearer toy with fated targets.

Breastplate of the Cursed Phoenix, a breastplate cursed by a warlord who made a deal with an evil deity, that limits the wearers power until they expend critical energy and resources, at which point it erupts with latent flame, and turns the wearer into an aspect of fire, embodying the undying spirit of the phoenix.

Gadget, an experimental dwarven crossbow with a sparse manual and a series of strange attachments and slots for them. Using the weapon to critical success and tinkering with it expands the users knowledge and allows for additional modification slots and technology.

The Frozen Hilt, a relic brought to Ados from another world, wielded only by the most elite members of an organization called The Frozen Blades, who are blade wielding magic users who can call out the latent icy power of the hilt and turn themselves into living incarnations of blizzards.

Legend Lore

The stories made by the adventurers who brave the lands of Tomarev have been held and carried across the land in the recent years since their exploits. These are recaps of their stories, adjusted into narrative format to offer some brief effort in lorekeeping.

The Torchbearers

This is the name chosen by the group of adventurers who played through The Dark Journals campaign, and stopped the completion of a ritual known as The Lightless Veil, which had threatened to allow Dakkarithoriax a means into our realm. They continue to adventure across Tomarev and beyond to this day. Their journeys have created a number of other stories, threads, and pieces thereof which persist in the world to present day. Herein will be a record of the result of their actions, and pieces of world lore that could be follow up upon.

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