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Stone Wall

The Continent of Tomarev

The Ashaic Calendar


There are 300 days in an Adosian year; 12 months of 25 days each; with four seasons, each spanning three months. A week is five days, a tenday or fortnight is two weeks, or 10 days.

A citizen might say the 12th of Ranalim, or they may say the secondday of thirdweek Ranalim.

This method of timekeeping, known as the Ashaic calendar was handed down to the first of the elves by the deity Asha, and is used by most mortal humanoid races. However, there exists another calendar made and used by the dwarves who track time according to the length of the rule of their kings and queens.

Present day in Tomarev is the year 1880AY (Adosian Years) according to the Ashaic Calendar, and 98U8 in the dwarvish notation, to mean the 98th year of King Ulysses the Eighth's reign.

Notable Holidays:

Of course there are a number of celebrations, feasts, and holidays celebrated by the people of Tomarev.

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Tomarev is a mostly traditional middle-fantasy setting. Most people aren't using magic for everyday tasks, and the technology level in present day Tomarev only extends so far as to large sailing ships armed with cannons. Only some have indoor plumbing, though most have some clean water source. There are ways to play in alternate timelines, either past or future, which will be explored and published in the future.

Aside from the basics, each region of the world has its own culture and customs; from the traditional high elvish snobbery and tree-houses of Liellia to the rodent-people of Thrxzk'Vxzk on the Isle of Terrible Lizards who abhor the sound of the lute, there are many different people to meet across Tomarev.

Since culture is so varied, it is elaborated upon in location entries. Some places follow tropes, like some of the dwarves being known for mining, gemcutting, and drinking, and others do not, like the dwarves who enjoy wine, sun, and the beach.

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