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Mucha Goddess

The People

For those who want to know who lives here, why, and how. A character index of everyone with a name, and even some without (eventually). Those that carry the stories we tell through one life and into the next. We salute you. (Page Still In Progress).

People Index


If you want complete and full character details for the people of Ados, you'll want to look at the page for characters, available here.

This reference will ONLY have an entry for each character publicly released via lore published on the website (and sometimes other sources).

Via Google Sheet

If you want a searchable at-a-glance reference, you'll want to check out the Google Sheet for the Tomarev Citizen Index.

This reference has entries for nearly every character that has been thought of and may be in the world. However, many entries here are incomplete and works in progress. Many entries are simply a name for recordkeeping.

Downloadable Characters

5e Compatible
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