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Week Six & Expo Weekend


Or don't, either way, I sure am, or rather, awash with nervous energy.

Phew, so the expo is tomorrow. Where I'm displaying RHG content in public and I'm gonna talk in front of people at a panel about Gaming & Mental Health. I'm kind of a big deal.

This week, I've been a little quiet on social media, so let me earn recompense for that by filling you in on all the rad stuff that I'm bringing to the Expo that I've been working on all week...

Firstly, the Red Hoodie Games Discord Server is live! This will be a public forum to connect with me, my community, and like-minded gamers to make and develop cool things, and have cool people to play games with. I may also run public TTRPGs via Discord, and I've also been in communications with an NFT platform about designing a Literary RPG System for them, and I may get into Lit RPG dev via Discord. This is a super new area of exploration for me so, this is just some context for now, nothing in stone.

As part of the Discord server, I've refined the Patreon to reflect the tiers and offer a sub-community for different levels of subscribers. There are currently no benefits outside of the private channel and of course my gratitude. Most of what I release is for free so any support is welcome.

Modules are on a brief stand-still. I had to get other things done before the Expo and so the longer-term production goals have taken a small hit. I'm going to seek feedback on Trouble In Turnrock at the Expo and use that to inform changes to my next module before publication, which ideally, will happen next week before the end of the month!

I've dug out a handful of boardgame prototypes I want to playtest at the Expo that have been sitting idle for far too long. I'd love to get something published and out there.

I'm hosting a panel on Gaming & Mental Health, which we're still trying to find out if we can record or stream or not. Either way, look for a summary next week with links and other info we drum up as a result of the panel.

The website is fully functional! The Universe of Ados page has had every new page added to it, the Services page is accurate and live, and the Welcome page has current info on it. It's really coming along, but as always, if you find something out of place or wish there were some other feature or section, just reach out and let me know. My email is at the top of the Welcome page, or reach out via the brief contact form on the Services page.

The rest of the day is going to be spent calming my nerves and enjoying Earth Day with my partner. I figure this is a good chance to plug an earthy post from years past: The Warlock Patron of The Pebble.

If you find time today, get outside. If you're close-by, consider attending the Vermont Sci-Fi and Fantasy Expo. If you're glad it's Friday, rejoice with a delicious meal or beverage.

Huzzah to all!

P.S. Shoutouts to Cingdom Creations, my creative partner for the Expo; and also to my sponsor this year, Gamemeisters, LLC!

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