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Trouble is brewing in the town of Turnrock. A well known businessdwarf has a frightened patron flee from her gem mine, forcing her to shut down operations. Can a party of adventurers clear the mine and discover the threat to guests deep within the darkness?


This is a classic dungeon crawling module for a party of 3-5 player characters of 3rd level. Players will find themselves in the town of Turnrock and discover that some mysterious threat has forced the Gemhammer mine to close to the public. Players will be given new tools to help them in their quest as they descend the tunnels.


This module makes for a good first adventure for a new GM or player party. Traps are simple in the form of natural hazards, combat is mostly straight forward, and there are plenty of opportunities to find a gem in the wall of the mine to add to the reward of this quest.


"Take with you light brave heroes, for I know not what dark lurks in this darkness." - Lessmeera Gemhammer

Trouble In Turnrock; RHG-M1

  • Contents arrive in a .zip folder containing the two .png files for the maps, and the .pdf of the module.

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