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Subclass Concept: Warlock Patron - The Pebble

Your patron is The Pebble, a 3.5cm wide smooth round grey stone. It is unremarkable in most ways and is often retrieved on the whim of a bored child. The Pebbles are children of the creators of earth and lands across the various worlds and realms. They possess a more playful perspective of their share of the earthen power, and infuse their owners with their strength after being spoken to.

As children of great earthen creators, The Pebbles bestow protective and earthen elemental magic, in addition to their own infant, pebble-playing adaptations.

Bonus Cantrips Mold Earth, Magic Stone

Expanded Spell List

Spell Level


Chromatic Orb, Absorb Elements


Earthbind, Maximilian’s Earthen Grasp


Conjure Barrage, Meld Into Stone


Conjure Minor Elementals, Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere


Animate Objects, Transmute Rock

Pebble’s Kinship When you, or your Pebble Elemental cast Magic Stone, you may infuse one projectile with the power of your Pebble. Doing so increases the damage of the hit done by the Pebble by your proficiency.

Your Pebble cannot be destroyed or altered by anything less than divine intervention, as it is itself a fragment of the gods. It also returns to you magically at midnight if you are ever without it. It is your friend as much as you are its, and it will never abandon you.

Level 1: Rock-Confidant Your Pebble has granted you the ability to speak with stones so you can share secrets and stories together. You gain the Speak With Stones spell, which functions as Speak With Plants except it functions on rocks, stones, gems, and minerals. You may cast this as an action once per long rest. It functions as a Warlock spell for you and doesn’t count against your spells known.

Level 6: Pebble Ward Your devotion to your pact with The Pebble is strong, and The Pebble wants to preserve you to allow you both to continue to grow in power. As a bonus action, you may summon a pebble to act as protective measure for one creature within a 30ft range that you can see. When a target with Pebble Ward would be struck by an attack, roll 1d20. On a 19 or 20, the attack strikes the pebble instead, and the ward ends. Pebble Ward lasts up to 1 minute, and you may only have one pebble ward active at a time. At level 12 you may have two active Pebble Wards, and at level 20 you may have three active Pebble Wards.

Level 10: Pebble Elemental Your Pebble has granted you further command over the elements, and increased its own power through you. Your Pebble can manifest as a Small Earth Elemental (CR2) as if summoned by the Conjure Elemental spell. However, you do not need to maintain concentration to keep it friendly towards you, it is immune to being charmed, and it does not have a duration. If the Pebble Elemental is destroyed, you must complete a short or long rest before you are able to summon it again.

Level 14: Pebble Protector Your connection to the earth, and your Pebble is sealed in timeless stone. You are both more powerful, and your Pebble will not allow you to perish. Your Pebble Elemental has grown up to be a Large Earth Elemental (CR5) and gains the Pebble Protector ability: Once per day (reset at midnight) your Pebble Elemental may use an action to use pieces of itself to defend you and your allies. Up to 5 creatures within 30ft that you and/or your pebble elemental can see, gain Pebble Ward. In addition, if they are attacked, and before rolling Pebble Ward’s effect, your elemental may cast Magic Stone as a free action against the attacking creature or target. Pebble Ward cast on yourself in this way blocks an attack on a roll of 15 or higher.

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