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Hi there! Here I am creating, writing, designing, and mastering content for tabletop role-playing games. I also provide game-based services, and dabble in boardgame design.
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Looking Ahead, February 2023

Greetings and Happy New Year from RHG!

While the blog has certainly seen more active days, rest assured I'm still up to something in the meantime. Matt, my creative partner from Cindgom Creations and I have made the difficult decision to forego attending the Vermont Fantasy & Sci-Fi Expo this year. We've got a lot of fun projects in the pipeline, but nothing too new that we're ready to share just yet. Our hope is to return next year with more than ever!

So, what is all this mysterious stuff I'm working on? Well it's no real mystery. Matt and I are collaborating on a project to bring the therapeutic elements of play to our local communities. Play is so essential to human life and yet as we get older it tends to fall more and more by the wayside, and we forget our childlike whimsy. We aim to reignite the spirit of play, and use it to illustrate how much we can benefit from simple activities with one another, on a physical, mental, social, and emotional level.

Our premier adventure for <Yet-To-Be-Officially-Named-Project> is one of mine called Icebreaking, which I'm in the process of formalizing and typesetting. The module may eventually be available on the shop here.

In addition, I've got an all new card game prototype that's passed the early playtesting stages with flying colors. It's called Sandwich Slammers, and oh boy it's a doozy. Inspired by my last job working the sandwich line and kitchen at a cafe, players take on the roll of sandwich makers. Buy your ingredients from the market to stock up your line, and then serve as many customers their particular sandwiches you can within 30 seconds! It's a lot of fun, and the bones are there and solid. I do have a print and playable version, although the game does require a few meeples, coins, scoreboard, markers, and a token, so PnP isn't the ideal format for this one.

I've been thinking about whether or not I'd want to try to pitch Sandwich Slammers to sell it, to Kickstart it, or to try a print on demand service like The Game Crafter. For now, the art is whatever free assets I was able to find so I'm not ready to go into publication with it yet, but this one finally feels the closest I've ever been.

As a note, RHG does have some evening availability for services we provide. If you're looking to learn how to play a TTRPG like 5e, DCC, or 7th Sea, or you need a GM for your group, I'm available! Check out the Services page to learn more. Also, join the Discord server where you can ask questions, chat about works-in-progress, or just hang out and talk about games we like. 

Thanks for sticking with us during the slower times. Real life, work, family, friends, it's important to have time for it all I suppose, although I'd like to be able to give a little more to RHG throughout this year. I'm hoping to revisit my April Fool's Day opposite subclasses for 5e, and continue on that thread I started last year.

My main TTRPG group has an extensive shared Google Doc of our adventures so far, and I'd love to revise our notes into a series of short stories someday.

Too much to do, and not enough time. Isn't that the curse of every creator? Anyways, hope to continue to see you around!

- John

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John M Skoda V

Hello there! I'm the founder and sole writer for Red Hoodie Games. I hold a degree in psychology from Castleton University and have been involved in game design for over a decade. I live in central Vermont with my partner and cat. I enjoy cooking, hiking, and of course reading, writing, designing, and playing all sorts of games!

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A few years after graduating, I'm sitting at the tavern with my oldest friends in the little town where we all grew up talking about wanting to make games and game content for real. I had ideas, but I needed a name. Everyone remembered me best by the iconic red hoodies I wore throughout nearly all of my education. So my buddy James made the suggestion and it has stuck ever since:
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