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Hi there! Here I am creating, writing, designing, and mastering content for tabletop role-playing games. I also provide game-based services, and dabble in boardgame design.
(Note: there is no "s" in the email)

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The Month of October, 2022

Hey there! It's been a little while since I've given an update and it's about darn time eh?

I've started a lot of projects lately! I've also been writing for a crypto platform called Spindle, where I've been paid for the first time for my creative writing. That was a big boost and I've been writing for them and working on a related CYOA game. I try to keep that side separate as I know that people are divisive about blockchain technology. I'm going to release chapters of an ongoing story I'm writing for them, here on my own site, so regular visitors can still enjoy my work.

I've also made some good strides in a new card game prototype, I'm tentatively calling Sandwich Slammers, inspired by work of all things. I'm not happy about the circumstance, but I'm glad that so far in playtests the game has been very fun. Players are competing sandwich shop workers and must assemble requested ingredients as quickly as they can. It's more fun than I thought it would be. I've also learned that given my lack of time and energy, I don't think self-publishing is something I could handle. As much as I would want to crowdfund and publish myself, I'm afraid this may have to be a game I pitch to publishers in hopes that it is picked up.

I still have modules and TTRPG content I'd like to release, though I'm still running my weekly game and now I'm playing in an every-other-week game and making time and finding energy to write up adventures in a publishable format is challenging.

To top it off, I've recovered from Covid which I got at the start of the month from work, which adds a layer of sourness and bitterness to my life that adds to my own struggles. I'm not trying to sound dismissive, just being honest about my own physical and mental health. 

I'm still here. I'm still writing when I can.

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John M Skoda V

Hello there! I'm the founder and sole writer for Red Hoodie Games. I hold a degree in psychology from Castleton University and have been involved in game design for over a decade. I live in central Vermont with my partner and cat. I enjoy cooking, hiking, and of course reading, writing, designing, and playing all sorts of games!

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The Red Hoodie Story

A few years after graduating, I'm sitting at the tavern with my oldest friends in the little town where we all grew up talking about wanting to make games and game content for real. I had ideas, but I needed a name. Everyone remembered me best by the iconic red hoodies I wore throughout nearly all of my education. So my buddy James made the suggestion and it has stuck ever since:
Red Hoodie Games

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