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Character Concept: Alvyn Daulamy, Gnome Wizard


Alvyn Daulamy is a smart gnome. They’re smart enough to know not to pick random things up and tinker with them, but so smart they think they know what to do with whatever things they pick up.

Alvyn is creative, innovative, and original. They believe that the world needs new and exciting ideas, innovation upon the technology we have, and new technology and magic to improve the quality of life.

As a child, Alvyn often got in trouble with other kids or around the house for touching things they weren’t supposed to, or hiding things, stealing items and using them to make something else. Alvyn had fits, little seizures that people around them thought were signs of some evil attempting to manifest itself within Alvyn.

Alvyn never did anything truly evil though. More often than not, the taking and tinkering with things was to make them better, or make something new and useful with them. Alvyn’s intentions were almost always good at heart.

Alvyn would grow up too sick and too strange for his older parents to manage. They were a bookkeeper, and a clock-repairer, and needed their space to be clean, tidy, and organized; something that was difficult to maintain with Alvyn around. They had worked hard to build their businesses reputation, and were one of the few people in the world who could repair intricate devices. They would not allow a child to ruin what they had worked for their whole lives.

The parents began to look for a nanny, or tutor who would work with Alvyn, and care for them, but no one came forth. They were not able to support themselves, keep track of their business, and care for the child. Eventually, they packed a knapsack for Alvyn, and said that if they could not find someone, they would be forced to give them up to the temple.

Finally, as they grew close to the end of their patience, a mysterious man in a robe and pointed hat arrived at the door, asking about the strange child who they did not want. They told the man of Alvyn’s habits, tendencies, and apparent afflictions. The man simply nodded along, while looking off around the home and at Alvyn. When the parents stopped talking, the man said he would raise Alvyn, and informed them that it was time to go. Alvyn was five years old, and only understood that he was going to live with this man for a long while.

He accompanied the man to a studious home, covered in cluttered notes, trinkets, magic devices, and other oddities. Alvyn knew he shouldn’t, but grabbed and picked up the first shiny thing he saw.

It was a sextant, a device used for calculating distance and angles related to navigation. Instead of barking at Alvyn, the older man instead explained what it was quickly, and watched as Alvyn hopped around the room, looking at everything, and each time, listening intently to the explanation.

Alvyn finally fell asleep late into that night, laying on a rug, with a sand timer in his hand. The old man set a blanket atop him and went to bed himself.

For years, Alvyn learned from Elias Raleigh about all sorts of tools, history, professions, and eventually magic. Elias would tell Alvyn that he saw something of himself in Alvyn, and that he too had been an odd child, seemingly haunted by unseen forces.

Alvyn still had seizures, but they were less frequent once he learned to use magic. It seemed that as he grew stronger magically, he also developed better protection against whatever darkness managed to wriggle its way into him from time to time.

He never hurt anybody, and stopped stealing and taking things, although he would still pick things up to inspect them even when he knew that he shouldn’t.

Elias and Alvyn would work to develop new things for the world. Elias taught Alvyn the basics of magic, and Alvyn would propose new and creative ways to use what they learned, unimpeded by knowledge of limits that Elias was bound by. Together, they had the innovation and the skill needed to create new things for the world.

One day, nearly 30 years later. Elias told Alvyn that it was time to repay him. Alvyn asked what for, and did not remember the circumstances that lead him to be here. Elias told Alvyn that he had offered to take them in as a child, and had cared for and taught them most of their life. Alvyn was confused at first, but was very smart and understood quickly.

Elias told them that he would reveal the name and location of Alvyn’s parents, in exchange for a bit of useful information. Alvyn was astounded that they could not remember their parents, and demanded to know. Elias reiterated that Alvyn had a debt to repay, and that once repaid, he would happily reveal the location of their family.

Alvyn was disappointed, but pragmatic. They asked what information Elias wanted, and he told them, “something yet unknown.” He went on to explain that he wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but to exchange the location of family, he would want something rare and yet unknown to most scholars. Something new, that Alvyn would likely have to discover somewhere out in the world.

Alvyn solemnly agreed, and bid farewell to their benefactor. Alvyn was not angry, or frustrated, but rather motivated in fact. Not only had they been shown how to use magic, now they were sent on a real quest to go use that magic and bring back something new and exciting. Also, upon returning with new information, Alvyn would learn who their parents were, and where they lived.

Alvyn was spurred to action, throwing caution to the wind, they set out to learn about all sorts of new things, hoping to learn the one interesting new thing they needed to in order to find their parents, and repay Elias, who gave Alvyn a chance at life.


Alvyn Daulamy is a Gnome, who can be role-played as any gender, gender neutral, agender, or whatever the player would like. They are 34 years old, and their birthday is coming up soon. Their appearance can also be entirely decided by the player. I have not provided any preconceived notions about the characters appearance in the hope that readers are able to imagine them however they do on their own.

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