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Character Concept: Sayaaria Moonfellow, The Moon Wizard

The Story of Sayaaria Moonfellow, The Moon Wizard


Journal Entry – Eonwood, Liellia – Age 12 I laid in the grass this evening, before coming in. The chill of winter still lingers at the edge of the breeze, but Spring is here, and the grass has greened, and Summer will soon take away all the cold. Father took me on a walk earlier today through the markets. I don’t understand why some of the elves don’t like him. Or me. We got home and I was restless, so I took a walk out into the woods. I found a nice spot, with a big open space, and a bench, so I laid down. When I woke up, there was an old elf man there! He wasn’t mad though, and he wasn’t mean like the others are sometimes. He was very nice, and sounded very wise, like mother. It had gotten late, and the stars and the moon were up and out. The man was just staring up at them. I thought it was a dream. I sat up, and stared up with him. My hands were folded in my lap, and at once point I think the man closed his eyes. Perhaps he was praying. Praying to the moon? I’ve seen mother pray, but not like this. I sat with him for a while. He looked down, and asked me if I had something I wanted to ask him. I did, and I don’t know how he knew. I blurted out why do elves not like me and papa?

The old elf looked at me and he said because we are different. I asked why he wasn’t mad at me for sitting on his bench. He told me because just because things are different, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t like them. He pointed up at the moon and told me that elves, men, and even some dwarves look at the stars and moon and think they’re beautiful, but the moon is so different from our world. It’s cold, and has no life, and our world is warm and full of life. The moon is white and black and grey, and our world is blue, and green, and red. It’s so bright up there, only when it’s dark down here. It’s almost the opposite, but we all seem to like it so much. He insisted it was the source of magic in the world, and he said he came here to pray and meditate under its life. Be like the moon, he told me, but I don’t know what he meant…


Journal Entry – Ther’Liell, Liellia – Age 41 The elves still stare. They’ve always stared. I’m so tired of always living under the gaze of those who find themselves so superior. I know it’s the human half of me that feels this spite, and I know I need to do something about it. Mother has allowed me to study magic here in the capital, I needed the approval of a full elf. It feels like the only thing I can do now, the only course that is right for me. I miss my old elf friend. We spoke for a handful of years about the unknown forces of the realm, and the essence which ties us all together. He spoke of beauty and the moon and magic. The elves are so good at it, I know I can learn, and maybe they won’t look at me so funny. Maybe I’ll finally know what it’s like to be like the moon… Maybe I won’t be so different… Maybe when I know some spells I’ll go back to that place… Maybe the man will be there… Maybe I’ll feel less alone…


Journal Entry – Ayrith, Liellia – Age 47 Be beautiful, and mysterious, and never let anyone know your secrets or your power, just let them gaze in awe and wonder. That’s what my old friend meant all those years ago. I’ve studied in the academy for years and can finally move on. Get out of this place. These fools, thinking they can truly harness magic? It’s the untamable nature that draws us to it. It’s the natural beauty of the moon. I know now. I understand what the old elf meant. I know how to be strong now. I don’t need to follow along beside the other magi. Studying, only to chan… AH! I thought they were so much smarter! My whole live, I believed the elves were these brilliant people, but they’re blinded by their old ways and their quest for power. I don’t want to be like them! I like that I don’t want that, I want to be different and I’m okay with that. I will return someday to thank my mother for choosing my father and granting me a small piece of humanity. I will break free of the mold that these other wizards face. I will not be a part of the great leeching study of magic. Magic will find me, as it has always done, though the moons of the realm.


Journal Entry – Unknown Wilderness – Age 89 I have been wandering for years. Free of the manacles of the thinkers of the world. Those who seek to understand every, little, waking, thing. It is useless. They only know that they should be thinking, they have not learned to stop. They have not learned to be content with the knowledge and power they have. They have not learned that only the moon will grant us power. Only the world, as it sees fit to disclose to us, will reveal it’s secrets. Those elves from home have the advantage of the ages to observe and allow the natural course of power to flow through them. I have the advantage of my humanity. My advantage is that I am different. Of my communion with other sources of power, to join, to exercise patience, and to come to understanding with time. I work alongside time and universe, while they spin wheels to race time, that which cannot be beaten, and to outsmart nature, that which cannot be foreseen. My difference is my strength. My magic, is that which has been gifted through study and patience, not forced, not rushed, not chained, grappled, or captured. Mine, is the magic of the moon. Eternal. Unconquerable. Unknowable. Beautiful. Calm. Universal.


Sayaaria Moonfellow is a half-elf wizard, whose mother was a Spring elf teacher, and father was a human chef. She was born, and grew up in Eonwood, a large forest town, near the Spring elf capital with a prominently elf population. The elves here are very racially exclusive, and prefer to do business and socialize with other elves. Sayaaria struggled to make and keep friends, although she did have a few growing up, as well as one close friend while she was at the Academy, who she couldn’t quite get to go away with her.

I imagine her as being 5’11” or even 6′ (175-180 cm). Light fair skin, slightly pointed half-elf ears, and light lavender eyes from her mother. Sturdy hands, a kind heart, and mostly straight black hair from her father.

She reveres the moon, almost worshiping it as the almighty source of her power. This of course, she knows to be metaphoric, in that the moon represents for her all that is the opposite of how people know things. It’s this unknowable way of knowing, which is how she describes being able to learn magic, and how magic works. She looks up to the sky whenever performing ritual magic as homage to the moon, and she chooses to rest/meditate when the moon is out.

She is not quick to trust others, and is particularly weary of elves, any anyone else who claims that they actually know how something works. She believes that no one knows how anything works, and if it works because someone did something to it, then it was meant to be so, thanks to the magic essence that is in all of us and everything. She’s quite friendly for the most part, and doesn’t like to see the bad in people, but once she does she doesn’t second guess herself. Almost naive socially at first, but forms opinions of people very quickly and intelligently and sticks with them.

She’s not always confident in herself, but she is confident in magic, to the point where she would blame a ranged spell attack missing on the chaotic nature of the world, than on her own ability. For this reason, she is likely to be Chaotic Good, or Chaotic Neutral, but could also be Neutral Good.

She sometimes confuses magic and nature as forces, but is able to separate arcane from natural effects (real rain vs conjured water for example, but she would claim it was the magic of the universe that summoned forth the rain). She is very intelligent, and fairly wise, but has deeply held beliefs about magic, the flow of the universe, and everyone being connected through nature (magic). She isn’t a pushover physically and won’t run away from a fight, but she knows her limits and knows what magic can and cannot do through her.

Her favorite color is that of white oak lumber, the color of the wood that the bench in the clearing where she first met the old elf man was. She finds white oak construction/craftsmanship marvelous to look at.

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