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We are dot com!

Good day!

I mean to wish you one, tell you it is a good one, and that I am good on this one, all at once! I've become the owner of redhoodiegames(dot) com and the site is live for the foreseeable future!

So daily update, I've made a longer blog post detailing what I'm working on and thinking about this week, you can find that here. I'm working on a lot this week and have a lot going on so forgive me for being a little scatterbrained today. I'm also just swelling with excitement about the new website and all that it could become! I'm shaking a little it feels so real, and so big.

I'm committed to these daily posts, even when they aren't terribly substantial, just to make sure you know I'm still alive and well and writing and creating.

Last week was a lot of behind the scenes stuff, this week, I want to pull back the curtains, show you what I'm working on, and get some stuff posted, published, and out there. Stay tuned to these daily updates for the quickest, yet most complete way to know what I'm up to.


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