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Typesetting Into The Sunset

Good evening!

Today has been all about continuing to learn Scribus and making progress on my typeset module template. I'm probably not doing it in the most efficient way, but I'm plugging in the Trouble In Turnrock content as I go so that hopefully by the end I have both a template and the module pretty ready to go.

It's looking pretty nice if I do say so myself, the updated cover is the cover photo so I think you can see it on the main website page. I do want to amend the blog post display so that it shows the cover image on the post page, and I have another store item (per friend/family request) that is almost ready to go. I'm holding off on any changes/updates to the website until next week though, so I can try to keep my week-to-week workflow as consistent as I can. I also really want to focus on getting this template/module done before Sunday.

In other news, I've got a meeting with Matt of Cingdom Creations this evening to discuss our presence and panel for the upcoming Vermont Sci-Fi and Fantasy Expo at the end of April. Our panel is called Gaming & Mental Health and hopefully we're able to bring some awareness and tools to the community.

Short daily today, but they can't all be bangers eh? Besides I've got to make dinner before this meeting.


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