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Today I Learned: I'm bad at announcements

Today has been a wild ride. Honestly this whole week has felt so surreal and it's only...Wednesday. I knew that.

I started today with a whole plan, that I ended up basically turning entirely backwards, and maybe just maybe, something really cool came of it. Unfortunately, until I get confirmation back that it is 100% happening, I don't want to officially announce anything. Thus the title for this daily reflection.

I made my social media posts late this morning teasing that something was finally happening with that classic The Office gif, but I made the mistake of saying "later today" when I really didn't know how long I'll have to wait to find out. So, there is something super cool in the pipeline, but despite other messaging, I can't officially announce it yet.

That being said, today was an awesome day for progress and promotion of RHG stuff. If you aren't following on Facebook and Twitter please do so @RedHoodieGames so you can see the announcement when I finally make it!

This is also a pretty late posting for a daily, although I haven't set into stone whether I'm doing these in the morning or evening or what time really, so while I hope to have some sort of regularity in the future, there is too much going on right now to be very predictable.

Fingers crossed for an announcement tomorrow.

Game on!

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