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Sunday Sunday, So good to me

Good Morning!

Today was the first day in... well I cannot honestly remember the last time I set an alarm on a Sunday morning, but I did today, all because I was passionate to share a little bit of my creative process with you. The first RHG stream went swimmingly! Low viewership but that's okay, I just want to be there, and do it and I had a blast today.

I've streamed before on my personal account but never got much of a following and often found myself talking more than I usually would when I play games. I think it would have been easier if I had a friend streaming as well, but alas it didn't happen for me. It's fun though, but streaming games seems to have a high barrier to entry. Your stream has to look good, sound good, be obtrusively engaging, and I don't like to act when I'm trying to me organically me.

The stream today felt so much more natural. I already talk to myself a lot when I'm working on my session prep and worldbuilding, and so that was easy, and I love my world and could talk about it until I run out of breath. I figured out I have a bunch of things I want to share too about my process, the tools I use, and then of course my world lore.

Unfortunately, I forgot the check the Twitch setting to keep and auto-upload the VODs, so if you missed it, it's unavailable for the time being. I'm just waiting on some backend stuff with YouTube to be able to move the podcasts over there, and get the RHG channel started properly. When those steps are done, I'll also upload today's stream.

We missed our ttrpg session last Sunday so it's been almost two whole weeks. I was able to recap where we are at, tour the Goblin Mountain map a little, get all my prep set for session (which may include introducing a new player&character), and started going on about PyxelEdit, which I WILL talk more about in the future because it's so awesome.

This upcoming week you can look forward to the Official RHG Shop page opening here on the website, the stream upload and the YouTube channel links, more daily posts, a new primer to my universe of Ados, and probably more!

Today, I'm gonna go enjoy a late homemade brunch with my partner, zen out with some more Tetris Effect and then hopefully not kill any characters later on down in Goblin Mountain.

Don't forget to check for Goblin Poo Prank traps pookie!

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