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Store Launch Day!

Today I've launched the web shop! Head on over for a limited time (today only until midnight) 10% off your official RHG hoodie!

That seems like the big news, but the more prominent and impactful result of the shop launch is that I think (fingers crossed) that I'm just about all set with the back-end business side of things. I'll still need to dedicate some time to making sure it's running smoothly and handling everything well enough, but I can go back to spending a full day writing.

After "finishing" Trouble In Turnrock, I was so excited to get the business portion settled that I haven't done very much creative writing since then. I've been writing every day which is good, but I need to get my head out of legal agreements and financial mumbo-jumbo and back into the aether of the universe of Ados.

Fortunately, my goal post (hah!) for this week is a new and revised Primer to the Universe of Ados. I do need to suss out how and where I'm publishing/distributing it and I haven't been the most impressed with communications from DTRPG. They seem like fine enough folks but there doesn't seem to be a clear and publicly accessible document that lays out all of the qualifiers and conditions for exclusivity.

It's my fault for starting my account there and agreeing to exclusivity without reading all the available material and understanding all of it, I know that, and it's still a snag. Fortunately, I get to spend a good portion of the rest of my week writing, and by Thursday/Friday hopefully I've got it figured out in time to publish some new stuff.

That's that, now on to my worlds of whimsy.

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