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Self-Indulgence Saturday

Good evening.

It's been a week, and so I spent today off of the socials (for the most part) and playing games more than creating. I got to play some Conan Exiles with my dad, get real into some Tetris Effect, download The Flame In The Flood, and overall just enjoy my Gamepass. My partner made it to floor 100 in the Skull Caverns in her solo Stardew Valley game for the first time and that was an awesome success as well.

Also... THE RED HOODIE GAMES RED HOODIE CAME! It looks awesome, is super warm and cozy, arrived two days earlier than I expected and I'm just thrilled with it. This also means that by Tuesday at the latest the "Shop" page will be open and you can order your own Red Hoodie Games Hoodie, stickers, or can coozie! The print-on-demand service I'm using also has blank templates for all sorts of other products so if there is a Red Hoodie Games branded item you'd like, just let me know and I'll get a product made up if it's available!

I'm also planning on doing a small sale on the day I launch the shop, and the most likely way that I'll announce this is via Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to follow RHG on either or both to have the best chance to catch that announcement.

Tomorrow morning around 9am eastern time (UTC-5) check out where I'm going to be doing a short 1-2 hour stream reviewing my notes and plans for my 5e main group session later tomorrow evening. We don't stream or record the sessions since not everyone is keen on that, but I may post episodic recaps of the story here for fun anyway. On stream I'll be recapping what the party has done so far, where they are at currently, and looking at my notes and assets to make sure I'm all prepped for session. If there's time afterwards, I'll get started on the Two-Posts Town Supplement, which will probably start with me making the town map with PyxelEdit an awesome little program I'll definitely talk more about in the future.

That's all for now. I checked the numbers, and as of earlier today we had hit 111 visitors since launch, if you're one of them, I thank you.

See you tomorrow!

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