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R.I.P. Beena and Steps-On-Tail

Good evening.

Or rather, solemn evening.

It was an awesome day, don't get me wrong. I was able to stream and do a brief tutorial for PyxelEdit and start in on the digital map for Two-Posts. You can find that on YouTube or Twitch. Why didn't I link them you ask? Well I also updated the social panel on the website so scroll to the top or bottom and click the corresponding link and boom you're there. I also got the first stream uploaded so there is now a playlist for the RHG Dev Streams.

My amazing partner has done some very lovely black and white ink drawings/sketches of flowers before in a nice clean ink style that I love, and that hearkens back to the early works of Gygax. She has done some illustrations for Trouble In Turnrock that I am so proud to include in the module. If I can get my butt in gear tomorrow, it could be the day of the re-release of the module.

I also ran my usual Sunday session tonight. The party is continuing through my "The Chronicle Of Goblin Mountain" adventure, and tonight...oh man. I'll write up the module for publication so I won't go into elaborate detail here, but the goblins slew two PCs tonight. Beena, the owl-kin guru, and Steps-On-Tail, the catfolk monk both met their ends at the hands of goblin shortbowmen. Beena had flown off to direct attention away from her friends, and Steps had called attention to himself, leading some goblins away from the majority of the group. Two brave, truly good souls, brought to an end at the tips of goblin arrows.

Both will be called to the realm in Ados known as the Cloud Temple, where their self sacrifice will earn them an eternity of peace. Whether or not their tales will be told now lies in the hands and hearts of their surviving companions, who are now at odds with both the goblin horde, and the werewolf of goblin mountain.

We'll see what happens next week, but as a GM losing 2/6 PCs in one session is tough. It's a tough place, and they made their choices and the rolls went the way they did. The players will be able to make new characters and re-join next week if they wish, as I've got a system in place for allowing characters to come in and out as needed or desired.

So look for Trouble in Turnrock tomorrow, and stay tuned for updates about the parties progress. It may be some time before The Chronicle of Goblin Mountain is ready to be released, but if you're interested you can at least follow along here for now.

Goodnight! Sleep tight! Don't let the goblins bite!

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