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Character Concept: Miles Whitley, The Revolutionary, Human Rogue

This world is growing dark. I’ve spoken to people who can read the signs, and there is something beyond all of us, growing, seething, plaguing our world. I don’t know what or where it is, but something tells me it is far beyond our power. My own power at least. I’ve lived my whole life, completely in control of those things I can change, and this darkness may be beyond me.

What isn’t beyond me, or my reach, is power over mortals within the realm. I don’t want it for myself, but there are those in this world who abuse it so virulently that the impact of their actions has destroyed the lives of thousands. I may not be able to stop some profound evil, but I can stop the evil that I’ve found. I can wrest power from those who wield it as a weapon, and return that weapon to a more gracious hand.

Our alleged Kings, Lords, and other “rulers”. Why do we bow to those who ruin us? I have never bowed, at least not genuinely, nor do I plan to. I am my own man, and I would release those under the thumb of another to become their own as well, and strike out to take that which they need to survive. That which someone else hides behind a purse of gold.

Gold. What a plague. The few tribal societies who thrive have the right idea. Work for what you use and need and share that which you don’t. The humans could learn something from the ways of old. I’m disappointed to call myself one of them. No matter, I just need to find the right people. Yes, people who are connected to those in power. Those who play their games in both shadows and meeting chambers. Those who smile while in the presence of their Lords, and then plot their demise.

They believe themselves to be puppetmasters, pulling strings here and there to get their way. How little they truly know about the world… They exist within their boxes, their tiny frame of reference prevents them from seeing the very picture they’re trying to paint. They who believe to be holding the strings will be so occupied with their own act, they’ll fail to see that it is I who is holding their strings.

I hate to play into their game, but I don’t see any other way. They’re already manipulating and causing ruin, the least they deserve is to have their lives played with, at least for a short while until I can give their happiness back to those who they’ve stolen it from. No one needs to live in such greed as they do. Those poor people…suffering. Doing backbreaking work, or being refused work, so they hardly afford a loaf of bread or a blanket for their children.

The city of Prosperous is the worst. Slavery, starvation, gluttony. I loathe to go there, but that seems the logical place to start. The Trade King of Prosperous, Tawfiq, is a curious target. He’s one of, if not the wealthiest man on Tomarev, surrounded by guards and agents, and is supported by a…heh, a wealth, of other wealthy politicians, aristocrats, and business owners. There are a few who do not support him, but none do so openly. Even the good ones in the bay region conduct their work through puppets and agents. It’s not safe to act alone there. Perhaps it’s that very reason that no one will suspect I’m the end of the chain of command. The only link even.

I should find some allies, likely before I get into the city. I should have some sort of contingency plan should everything go wrong. I’ll have to chose each step carefully, and find a way to watch my back around every turn. No one knows me yet, the first few days in the city should be easy enough. If I’m careful, I may be able to act undetected for a few months, but as soon as I arise suspicion I’m sure Tawfiq’s agents will start collecting information on me and my actions.

I’ve heard of the vile things that go on amongst the high society. It isn’t news that when someone starts making waves in Prosperous they suddenly move somewhere else, in the deep country, where no one hears from them again. The “stress” of the city got to them and they needed to move somewhere quiet to live out their days. I don’t buy it, and I’d love a quiet country life, but not on Tawfiq’s terms, and not while thousands of his citizens live in slums just outside the city.

I’m going to get some help. I’m going to Prosperous. I’m going to dethrone Trade King Faysal Tawfiq.


Miles Whitley is a Human Rogue, taking the Mastermind Roguish Archetype, and who is Chaotic Good.

Miles grew up an orphan at an orphanage in the city of Northtide. He tried his best to be a good child and citizen but got into scraps that taught him how to fight, hide, and talk his way out of trouble. He was particularly adept at weaving clever stories to help other kids take the fall around the guards, but then would come clean to the matron who ran the orphanage who would then explain things to the guards and free the “fall-kid”. Miles was smart, clever, and knew who to talk to depending on what he needed. The matron scolded him, but she also respected his natural charisma and willingness to help his fellow orphans. She knew he would become great.

Miles acts first in the name of self-preservation. His upbringing meant that he was largely responsible for himself, and that no one was going to take care of him the way he could. He believes he is one of few people in the world who actually care about the well-being of all peoples. He does not believe in hoarding wealth, or amassing goods. People should have what they need, and share what they don’t, just like he learned at the orphanage.

Miles acts second in the name of the good of the realm, though he understands the good sometimes need to engage in evil acts to create the good they seek. His tricks at the orphanage caused a little trouble for guards or the matron, but they helped the kids who were his friends, who needed it more than those adults who had the means they needed. He wouldn’t worry about murdering a corrupt leader if it meant the people could live better lives. He wouldn’t mind forging the ledger of a business that was profiting from slavery so that it shows a loss and the business is dissolved.

Miles isn’t a coward, but prefers to avoid direct combat. He’d prefer not to be the one to draw a dagger across a throat, but will if he needs to. He prefers instead to convince others to do the heavy lifting for him, while he creates distractions, or makes the necessary connections to have a job go down the way he wants it to.

He is clever, cunning, manipulative, and perceptive. He is also quick both in his wits and in his feet, as he never really grew up to be one of the strongest or toughest of his peers. He really does want what is best for the world and it’s people, and though sometimes he has to engage in illegal methods to obtain that vision, he believes it will be worth it when no children are starving, no mothers are sold into slavery, and no fathers are forced to fight for causes they don’t truly believe, just to keep their livelihoods.

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