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Character Concept: Bree Wigtwig, Halfling Rogue

Bree never knew her parents. She was abandoned as a baby in front of a tavern on the street, left alone in the alley to face the world. Fortunately, she was picked up and cared for by a small urchin community in the back alley slums of the city of Prosperous.

It was an older blind gnome woman and her diseased husband who plucked her from the street. The man would die a few years later, before Bree would be able to remember him, but the woman, Inali, turned all her attention to raising the children they had saved over the years.

Bree grew up getting lost with the other orphans and street rats, picking up what coins they could find on the ground, and making the best of the meager lives they had. As she grew older and bolder, her and the street urchins began picking pockets and pinching food from street carts.

Inali knew the younger folk needed food, but always urged them not to take what they did not need, for it was greed that drove their oppressors to the height of their power, and corrupted them. She attempted to teach the young kids that it was not goodness that drove their deeds, it was merely survival, and to not take pride in their thievery.

Bree struggled to reconcile her distaste for the nobles and rich folk whose lives were so easy compared to hers, with the lessons of a woman who she had grown to know as mama. She was also fairly good at pilfering food and goods for her patchwork family, and struggled to remain humble about her skill in subterfuge. She did her best to only take what she needed, and between her and her peers, they collected enough.

Inali would scold them when they brought back too much, and there were times Bree did not gather food to avoid such reprisals from her savior. Her peers would sneer and laugh at her for being worse than they, and treated their livelihood as a contest to see who could steal the most.

Bree once told the others to stop, and they taunted and teased her claiming that she only complained because she couldn’t keep up with them. Young and impulsive, Bree offered to accept whatever challenge they gave her. It was decided that she would have to steal a signet ring from a wealthy merchant.

Bree knew it would be difficult, but as a Halfling, she knew she could pass as a child and hatched her plan. The merchant would be selling his silks and rugs in the street market in the morning. Bree tidied up her clothes a bit and wore a hat to cover her slightly pointed ears. To an outsider, she would appear as any other human child.

As the merchant was orating and attracting people to his cart, she ran over pretending to be lost and crying. “Hep! Hep!” She said doing her best to sound childish and desperate. She tugged on the mans hand, and carefully slipped the ring off his finger. The man shoo’d her with his other hand, and she ran off crying loudly. Once she had taken several steps, a smile crept onto her lips as she heard the man telling passerby that she would be okay. She knew he was only trying to preserve his business image, and that with his sales in danger he likely wouldn’t notice the theft for at least a few hours.

Bree returned to her family as the other urchin were sharing their food collection. Bree contributed the signet ring, to Inali’s disappointment.

“Bree! I have told you before, we cannot survive on gold and trinkets, why do you dishonor us? How can you do this while the rest of the family is collecting sustenance? You need us as much as we need you.”

Flush with frustration as her peers sneered and snickered, she stood up and began to run.

“Bree wait!” Inali cried out, but it was no use. Bree had always felt out of place here, and now she would prove to them that she would be better off on her own.

I’ll show them, she thought striding Northward out of Prosperous, and into the wild open world of Ados.


Bree Wigtwig is a young female Halfling Rogue, likely Chaotic Neutral.

She has dark brown, nearly black hair, and intense brown eyes. She stands 2’6″ tall and isn’t entirely done growing. She wears somewhat ratty commonplace clothing that has been stitched and patched over the years.

She is eager to prove herself, and hates being told what she can and can’t do. Whatever she is told she can’t do, she will do to prove herself should the moment arise.

While she regrets leaving Inali and the other urchin she grew to call siblings, she wants to prove to herself most of all that she will be able to survive.

She’s slow to trust people but accepts whatever gifts or other items she is offered. Despite her willingness to accept help, she does not like to help those who are too weak to help themselves. She does not realize the irony of this personality flaw, and has room for character development throughout a campaign.

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