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What a first week!


Happy Friday everyone.

This week has been... a lot. A good lot, and I've accomplished quite a bit. New website launched, new accounts, email, plenty of other "business" stuff. I've finally finished moving over all the blog posts from the old site. I left out one or two that weren't really suitable, or that have old information. Most notably is the primer to my world of Ados, which I'd like to rewrite and get out sometime next week.

I've been in contact with folks at DriveThruRPG and DMsGuild to find out what platform is best for my content, and had a small issue with the module I had originally published on DriveThruRPG. For now, I don't plan to release anything else on either of those platforms. You can look forward to everything I produce to show up here on the blog, on my website, and/or on the Patreon. In addition, since I'm not using DMsGuild, any 5e content I make will be released under the WOTC Fan-Content Policy, which means it will be free!

I had mentioned earlier this week that I'd be putting the ready-to-play character sheets on the Patreon as Patron-Only, but under the WOTC policy I can't sell or lock any content behind a subscription, so it will be available publicly, but if you like what I'm doing, please consider donating or subscribing.

Along those lines, I've nearly got the socials set up. You can find Red Hoodie Games all over!

I've got an Instagram made, although there is nothing there for the moment. I'd like to be more active on the platform but not sure what I'd post. This is something for me to work on in the future. You can still follow it here if you want:

YouTube takes a while before it let's me transfer the channel so that should be set for next week.

If everything goes as planned this weekend, you'll be able to catch me live at sometime in the morning doing a little live worldbuilding and adventure prep, something I'd like to start doing either Saturday or Sunday mornings. I'll tweet about it when I go live, so follow @RedHoodieGames on Twitter if you want to know what that starts.

OH! Also, I reconnected with an old friend who is both inspiring me to make some rad stuff, and who is making some truly rad stuff himself. Expect to hear a little more about this collaboration soon, as it has a little something to do with that BIG announcement I'm still teasing. I know, what a way to leave off on a Friday.

But really, I do honestly hope I can make that announcement just as soon as possible. Otherwise, I'll be releasing the ready-to-play character sheet for Harod Maethros, The Mushroom Paladin just after posting this! Huzzah!

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