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Week Four

I've been in a slump this week, it's been clear to see. I even missed two days of the daily. I'm no Steve Jackson, and that's okay.

What I have done, is found some inspiration. Of course, it came down to a friend being interested in what I was working on, and the sparks and flames that were born from the collaboration.

That being said, I've posted three new Origin Stories on the blog for deities and themes that are present within Ados. I've also added a new page to the website, "Universe of Ados" which you'll see up in the menu. There are only a couple things that are working for now, but I wanted to post it and let people see what it would become.

I've also been in talks with some folks in the Spindle Discord server, about writing for their platform. Spindle is a crypto/NFT platform that empowers small scale writers and makes it easy to be paid for creative writing, as well as engage in interactive fiction. This means you can pay a small sum (it's like 50 cents) to vote on the direction of a story for the next chapter. This supports writers directly, and operates on a carbon-neutral blockchain, so you don't have to have the same environmental concerns as it typical for most NFTs.

I know it's a sore subject and a lot of people aren't interested, but there are some valuable use cases that can support small artists, writers, and other creators, that aren't otherwise possible or available. I'm happy to talk to anyone about this stuff if you're interested.

With time to the Expo dwindling, I'm still working on what I can, when I can. Although now that this new Ados page is live, I'll be putting more and more up on there in the coming weeks as well.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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