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The story Of The Delay Fish

Yes I know. More nonsense. Look, I'm still learning and this is harder than it needs to be. Ron Swanson was right about starting a business. I've said it before and I'll say it again.

Anyway, Trouble In Turnrock is all done, I'm just waiting on the DTRPG approval so I can have release and promotion parity. It looks awesome and if you can't tell from my tone, I too am a little annoyed it didn't come out today.

I got started on the next publication, or rather, I started documents for three potential options and put some more work into one of them. It will be the first short one-shot I wrote for a vocational counseling group, and is directed at beginner game masters and players. I think the audience I'm cultivating might be pretty past that, but since this is a relatively simple and short adventure, it gives me a little more time to work on the elaborate big stuff.

I'm also looking to have a few more publications out before the Expo at the end of April, and even more so ideally, that pertain to the topic of the panel I'm moderating: Gaming & Mental Health (or in the case of the module, vocational counseling, but alas).

I'm also trying to figure out how I can release tid-bits of Ados world lore before finishing the full setting guide, which is easily years away still. I'm thinking of adding a subscription section to the website which would grant access to posts containing this world lore. You'd be actively supporting the development of the setting guide and getting early access to the content before it's compiled and published in a proper full feature-length book. If this sounds interesting, please let me know, because currently it doesn't seem like the best approach but I'm not sure how else to handle it.

Short daily today, I'm realizing that the daily posts I do are much longer than simple quick dailies from the inspiration sources, so, I think I'm going to try a shorter, more direct format in the future. For now, I like writing these and it helps me keep myself on track.

If you've been reading a while, or if you're just getting here, let me know what you think. I'd love some feedback on what works or what doesn't about the daily updates, or any other method for the release of content I'm trying to employ. Or even feedback about the content itself. I do think I'm writing more about me than about Ados here, and I do think I'd like that to change.

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