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Lighter Day, Earlier Post

Good day.

You'll find that this post is about 5 hours earlier than I have been doing these, but I wonder if it wouldn't be better to write these around lunchtime instead of scramble to write it at the end of the day.

Of course there's a little less to share at the moment than there would be later, and this will mean I'll have to share later news come tomorrow so, we'll see how it goes.

At any rate, I have added another character sheet to the downloads page, that for Sayaaria Moonfellow, a level 1 Elf Wizard. You can find links to the sheet and her backstory over here.

Turnrock is still primed and just waiting for launch. I've put a bit more work so far into the next module, which will be The Quest For A Quest. It's a really simple module aimed at first time game masters and players, that facilitates a little bit of everything in a very simple and open manner. It was also originally written as a tool to use in vocational training workshops, so part of the intent of the module is also to help people learn to speak more often, and practice interview skills. In the module characters have to find work by taking to local connections, and then pitch why they're a good choice for the job, and then follow through.

It's pretty simple, and not flashy, but it serves it's purpose, and I've got all the materials for it ready to go, so it should be a pretty quick put-together.

Of course I also had to have inspiration for a whole new system/setting inspired by some imagination games I used to play as a kid, and some other pieces of childhood whimsy I found myself recalling this morning.

Well the work doesn't end so I'm going to enjoy some lunch and be back to it. Have a great afternoon reader!

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