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I'm the real Work In Progress

So Twitter really likes doing this #WIPWednesday thing where people share what they are working on, and I elected to share my learning of a new program called Scribus that I've resorted to learning and using for my typesetting.

All I wanted to do today was write, and I ended up doing more framework building stuff. I'm kind of getting tired of doing non-writing tasks but I think it will be worth it once I've got a solid template, that I can publish from, and not have to edit or worry about a whole lot in the future.

My next immediate goal is re-publishing Trouble In Turnrock, for which I want to have an official module typeset established with my own style. I've found an awesome reference document to help me get an appearance like the old 1st edition and earlier modules written by Gygax. So I'm drawing inspiration from that and hopefully I can have that all set and ready by the end of the week. Once I get a template built, then I can write, apply to template, publish, and the workflow will be simpler, quicker, easier, and just better for me.

So I spent today fighting with GMBinder, and then learning Scribus, which I discovered after it was touted as a free alternative to Adobe inDesign. Honestly, it wasn't that bad, I just haven't ever given much thought or effort to typesetting and publication design. With tools like GMBinder and The Homebrewery, there certainly are easier options, but they're less customizable.

If you're interested in typesetting or having that complete control over the appearance of your publications, I'd be happy to share or post the links for the downloads and guide I used for Scribus.

So that's been my WIP Wednesday, hope you've managed to progress in some way, shape, or form today as well!

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