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The Universe Of Ados


This page is still a work in progress, buttons, links, and other features may not work as intended. Watch your step, brave adventurer.

Here you can find the public pages for Ados: people, places, and items. These will be released and updated alongside written blog posts, but the pages contain more of the fine details. You can find location, and character indexes here as well.

Everyday Life & History

For those interested in day-to-day knowledge: that of calendars and customs, that of weather and wayfinding, and that of the legends and histories told throughout the ages.

The People

For those who want to know who lives here, why, and how. A character index of everyone with a name, and even some without (eventually). Those that carry the stories we tell through one life and into the next. We salute you.

Atlas & Location Index

For those who love maps and locations. Early editions to present day depictions of Tomarev, with details and an index of every location in the world (eventually).

Homebrew, Legend Lore, & The Torchbearers

For those who want the unique items, the deep lore, the stories that the history books don't tell, and the stories shaped by those who have adventured alongside me. This is the living, breathing lore of Ados, as it is written by my primary tabletop group. (Page Still In Progress).

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